VIP Business Strategy Intensive

90-Day Systems Roadmap

Ready to bring an Operations Manager into your business but not sure of the next steps?

Structure is important, but when you don’t know what to ask or where to start, it’s hard to scale to the next level. Take action today to create a real strategy  for getting organized, review what’s working and what’s not, and find CLARITY on how to springboard your success with operations support.

During a 90-minute strategy session, we’ll do a deep dive to understand:


An entire review of your offers, products, team, metrics, and other data-driven details that make your business successful.

Project Management

A walk-through of all the systems & tools that are used in your day-to-day oeprations with a focus on project management & communication.

Business Google Drive

An audit of your business Google drive so you can get & stay organized to help with productivity, team roles, & growth.

After our deep dive session, you’ll walk away with a(n):


Organizational Map – a layout of the team structure so everyone is clear on their roles, responsibilities and who they report to within the business.


SOP System – all processes documented for your unique day-to-day operations.


Recording – the session will be hosted via Zoom and uploaded to a Google drive for review time and time again.

Hey, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also receive:



  • Job Descriptions for Team Members
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for your growing team.



  • Hiring Process for Potential New Hires
  • Job listing for your next new hires so you are ready to scale before your next launch.



  • Follow-Up Call 30-days after your VIP Intensive to check in with how your strategic plan is performing.
Investment: $1,997

“During my strategy intensive, Leslie was able to take all of the ideas that are always swirling around in my head, and put them into a nicely structured, workable plan for the year. As we walked through the process, she carefully listened (often capturing what I didn’t even know I was thinking) and it wasn’t until she asked the perfect questions that I finally got clarity. The ROI, as well as, the Return of Effort, is already making a big difference in what I am accomplishing this year.”

Pam Blackman