Operations Support for Industry Leaders

Just Sayin’ Ops works with industry leaders to create, develop, and implement systems and structure so you can finally step out of the day-to-day operations and into scaling your business and making a greater impact.

Supporting Leaders Like..

It’s time to rise up into the leader you’re meant to be. 

As an industry leader, innovating is your impact.

You’re paving the way with your business, boldly and with compassion, yet you’re struggling with:


so much overwhelm


keeping work separate from family life


and creating a strategic, workable plan to scale and increase profit

All critical things you need to deal with to hit the next level.

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

“If I had someone to create the systems and structure, then I could  step out of the day to day.”

You’re READY to leave the day-to-day processes so you can scale the business and become more profitable, but the fact of the matter is you don’t know where to start. 

All you keep hearing is the word systems. Systems to manage the team, systems to organize processes, systems to launch products and services, systems to track profitability.

But what does systems mean exactly?

For you, all you know is that reactiveness is no longer working — reactiveness to client fires, tech failures, and lost documentation — and losing sales is no longer an option.

You’re looking for someone to trust, someone to help equip your team with the right tools so they can perform their jobs at the highest level and to support you from idea to implementation. It’s time for you to let go of all the things and reclaim the PASSION you once felt in your business.

Just Sayin’ Ops provides the highest-level operational services through relationships built on trust, setting our clients up for continued growth in their businesses, as well as freedom in their personal lives.

Retainer OBM Services

VIP Business Strategy Intensive


“Leslie is an organized, efficient, and resourceful project manager that worked well with our team on several projects. We could depend on her oversight and support for our virtual events which involved handling many moving parts at once. Her problem solving quickly turned challenges into opportunities, which made our events go off without a hitch. One of our speakers, Ellen Yin, even shared that this was one of the most organized events she’d been a part of.”

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Collaboration + strategy + a touch of southern sass = higher level of success for YOU.

Hi y’all, I’m Leslie Laws, the founder and CEO of Just Sayin’ Ops. Industry leaders like you hire me to manage their day-to-day operations, so they can get back to being the visionary. As an Operations Manager, it’s my job to scale businesses to the next level, and I do that by creating effective and efficient systems for all operations.

I love (love, love) people and focus on building strong, trusting relationships with my clients as individuals, not just as industry leaders. By prioritizing that, I’m able to better understand who they are as a person, so I can not only anticipate their needs like no other, but serve them on a deeper level.

Are you ready to reach for that together?

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Our Mission:

To always effectively and efficiently scale our clients’ businesses with integrity.

True to you, true to your values.